About Us

BinaryComponents Ltd was formed in 2006 with the aims of writing commercial software, and carrying out bespoke development and graphic designs.

We specialize in software development using primarily Microsoft technologies - particularly .NET.

John Antoni

John Antoni is CEO of BinaryComponents Ltd.

John Antoni was an entrepreneur from a very young age, and his businesses have ranged from engineering to the entertainment industry, where he achieved great success. He was involved with computers from the very early days of the Personal Computer, starting with the Commodore PET, 6502, and Z80 processors. John continued on the academic route to college where he studied Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and from there went on to study for Bachelors with honours in Computing. Now to the present he is leading BinaryComponents Ltd as the CEO as well as managing an extensive portfolio.

Lee Alexander

Lee Alexander is a founder and director of BinaryComponents Ltd.

Software has always been close to Lee's heart ever since he received his first computer, a ZX81 at the age of 12. After finishing his degree Lee cut his newly acquired professional teeth at Digita, worked at various other companies, before co-founding BinaryComponents Ltd. Over the years Lee has developed experience in C++, MFC, SQL Server, WinForms, WPF, .NET (C#) and a host of other technologies.